Low Dropout Regulating circuit:

No. Product Model Max Output current Highest pressure Max Input voltage Features Precision Power consumption Packages Output Voltage Compatible Model
1 H71XX-1 50mA 18V 15V Low power consumption ±2% 2.5uA SOT23 SOT89 SOT23-3 TO92 2.1V∽5.0V  
2 H72XX-1 400mA 18V 15V Large curent,Low power consumption ±2% 1.5uA SOT23-3 SOT89 SOT23-5  1.5V∽5.0V  
3 H73XX-A 250mA 18V 15V Low power consumption ±2% 2uA SOT23 SOT89 SOT23-3 TO92 2.1V∽5.0V  
4 H74XX 200mA 6.5V 6V Ultra low power consumption ±2% 0.8uA SOT23-3  SOT89 3.0V∽5.0V XC6504/XC6215
5 H75XX-1 150mA 18V 15V Low power consumption ±2% 2uA  SOT23 SOT89 SOT23-3 TO92 1.5V∽5.0V  
6 H7605 300mA 8V 6V Ultra low power consumption ±2%(±1%) 1.5uA SOT23 SOT23-3 SOT89 2.1V∽5.0V  
7 H7606 300mA 8V 6V Low power consumption ±2% 3.0uA SOT23 SOT23-3 SOT89 1.2V∽5.0V  
8 H7650 750mA 9V 8V   High ripple PSRR  ±2% 25uA SOT89  SOT223 SOT23-5 1.2V∽5.0V XC6210/XC6222
9 H7651 1A 9V 8V Large curent,Low power consumption ±2% 2uA    SOT89 SOT23-3 TO220 1.2V∽5.0V XC6220/XC6210
10 H78XX-1 500mA 18V 15V Large current ±2% 1.5uA SOT89  SOT23-3 1.8V∽5.0V  
11 H75XX-H# 100mA 40V 32V High pressure,Low power consumption ±3% 2.5uA SOT89  SOT23-3 TO92 2.5V∽5.0V  
12 H7211 300mA 7V 6V PSRR,Ultra high speed ±2% 30uA SOT23-5 1.2V∽5.0V XC6211
13 H7211A 400mA 5.5V 5V High ripple PSRR ±2% 30uA SOT23-5 1.2V∽5.0V RT9193
14 H7221 350mA 18V 15V High ripple PSRR ±2% 8uA              SOT23-5 3.0V∽5.0V XC6221
15 SSP6206 300mA 8V 6V Low current consumption ±2% 3uA SOT23  SOT23-3  SOT89 1.2V∽5.0V XC6206
16 SSP6201 250mA 15V 12V Reverse pin ±2% 2uA SOT23-3  SOT89 3.0V∽5.0V XC6201
17 SSP6202 150mA 18V 15V Positive voltage ±2% 2uA SOT23-3  SOT89 3.0V∽5.0V XC6202
18 SSP1117 1A 30V 15V Bipolar process ±2% 2mA SOT223  TO252 SOT89 1.2/1.5/1.8/2.5/3.3/5/ADJ  
19 SSP1084 5A 18V 12V Bipolar process ±2% 8mA TO252 TO263 TO220 1.5/2.5/2.85/3.0/3.3/5/ADJ  
20 SSP1085 3A 18V 12V Bipolar process ±2% 8mA TO252 TO263 TO220 1.5/2.5/2.85/3.0/3.3/5/ADJ  


  • Battery power supply products: consumer toys, intelligent toys, LED flashlight, etc
  • Alarm, intelligent security alarm products: consumption security, all kinds of alarm and etc
  • Portable medical products: blood pressure monitor, medical equipment, medical electronics, etc
  • Weighing apparatus products: electronic scale, body scale, fat scale, etc
  • Instrument and meter, water meter, electric meter, gas meter, meter, etc
  • Handheld devices and tools, electric tools and automotive vehicle electronics
  • Control panel: household appliances, communication control panel;The front end of the MCU power supply
  • Digital products: TV, set-top boxes, video card, etc