Industrial drive and the interface:

No. Product model Features Work voltage Static current Input range Packages Frequency(Hz) Describe
1 SSP485 RS485 5V(typ) 300uA -7V-12V SOP8 DIP8 500K 15KV HBM
2 SSP721 MBUS 2.5V~3.8V(BAT) 9.3V(VB) 0.5uA(Bat) 650uA(Bus) -0.3V-5.5V SOP16 SSOP16 9600 -42V~+42V BUS
3 SSP8023 Relay Driver 5V~40V 10nA (1)Pulse (100ms) (2)Voltage SOP8 DIP8 SOT23-6   500mA Max
4 SSP8300 Infrared receiver 2.7~5.5V 200uA 30uAPP~50mAPP Dies 37.9K Low cost
5 SSP8350 Infrared receiver 2.7~5.5V 330uA 30uAPP~50mAPP Dies 37.9K Continuous Code


  • Smart hmeter,intelligent water meter, intelligent gas meter,intelligent heat meter
  • Relay driver, dc motor driver
  • Infrared receiver